We cut our modelmaking teeth working in stop frame animation, initially for Cosgrove Hall and then for Hot Animation and Factory TM. We have produced work for Gerry Anderson and Terry Pratchett . The list of shows we built the sets for is massive but here are few we can remember…. Wind in the Willows, Noddy, The Reluctant Dragon, The Fool of the world and the Flying Ship, Truckers, Andy Pandy, Roary the Racer, Rupert the Bear, Bill and Ben, Creepy Crawlies, Rubbadubbas, Bob the Builder, Fetch the Vet, Pingu, Postman Pat, Scream Street, Rotten Ralph…….and as they say, many more.

toad in his Library

Noddy Cosgrove Hall BBCThe Fool of the World & the flying Ship

bob winter stuff 016

Trees, hills & mountains from ‘Bob The Builder’.

bob summer special 004

Western desert set from ‘Bob The Builder’.