We try and put  our more recent work here, stuff that may have slipped through the net elsewhere or just stuff we like. Its hard for us to put up to date pictures up as protocol prevents us from publishing our work until it has been broadcast…and then we’ve moved on and forgotten about it, but we’ll try .

‘Das Boot’ Railings, ladders, New York news stand.

The ‘Clone-a-Tron 3000’

Collapsing Z bed.

A Selfie flat for Blenhiem Palace and a modified shopping trolly for ‘Cats does countdown’

Blenhiem Palace Cinderella themed work for Christmas.

Selfie Flats for Beaulieu Motor Museum


Model of the CO-OP stand for the County shows.


Gravestones are not allowed to be filmed so these where made for TV drama ‘Cold Feet’


A fast food store in a microwave. The puppets were operated form underneath the worktop.

gates of gold set 003

Set for the Library Theatre’s production of ‘Gates of Gold’.

Carved prop for TV drama and various explosive devices for videos.

Props for Chester Zoo educational service, and a truckload of Dosh.

Refurbing and remodelling of puppet head for ‘World on Fire’. (mammoth screen)

40 replica shells for HMS Exeter gunnery set. ‘World on Fire’.


Replica period radios. 2 softs & 3 breakables for Sean Bean to throw around.

(World on Fire).

Two fortune telling booths race around the countdown studios

Safety harness for a series of shoots for ‘The Sun’ newspaper
Giant Mayan ‘Bingo Ball’ for Foxy Bingo
‘Stunt Marrow’ From ‘The Cockfields’ (Marrows weren’t in season)
We had to call the firebrigade out again!
We had to make a burned out boat, so we made a boat and burnt it out.
Couple of things for the Christmas Countdown show.

Rotating Owl Head for ‘Inside No. 9’

Prop for ‘Waterloo Road’

Space is sometimes at a premium in the workshop

Snack Machine for ‘Cats’

Another thing for Jimmy Carr to drive around the studio on.

Recycling Awards for Chester Zoo

Rick sometimes ‘playfully’ sets a trap for me when I open the worshop in the morning.

Dead body made for ‘Documentry Now.’

Penny Falls machine & Suitcase gag for ‘Cats’

Stained Glass Window prop for ‘Inside No. 9’

Rather a gruesome prop for ‘Inside No.9’

There is a video for this but it’s a bit ‘X rated’ so I wont show it here. Took a powerful lot of thinking about to make it work and look real, but we know how to do it now. Learning all the time.